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Charles Jolissaint
Husband/Father/Electrical Engineer               831-476-8466                      Age: 74

I can bring personal experiences and a career of achievement in Silicon Valley to help bring excellence to our K-12 school systems. It did not start out that way for me. I started in a private progressive school. When my dad realized I did not know my ABCs, he moved me into a public school. I was embarrassed that I was going to repeat 2rd grade. My grandmother then spent the summer teaching me. I was then able to succeed during the 3rd grade. I felt so much better about myself and never fell behind again eventually completing my Doctorate at Stanford. 

As I worked in Silicon Valley start-ups, I was upset that California public schools slipped in achievement scores from the top to the bottom 20% of all states. I was disturbed when our country also slipped from top of the 35 industrialized nations in the world to 31. As parents in the Soquel Unified Elementary School District, we need to focus on a better life for our kids and a brighter future. I know we can change these downward trends for our kids much like I did, focus on improving security, and stop the bullying in our schools.  Vote for Charles Jolissaint.