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Richard B. Fox
U.S. Representative, 18th District
Party Preference: Republican
Occupation: Physician/Attorney                Age: 69

Dr. Fox:  Fiscal Conservative, Social Moderate, Pro-Choice, Libertarian-Republican.


-Fix Healthcare: Affordable, Low-Deductible Private Healthcare For All.

-Fix the Economy: End Crony Socialism/ Capitalism, Grow Jobs and Opportunity for All, Especially the Young and Minorities, By Capping Spending and Borrowing, Cutting Regulations, Taxes.

-Promote Inclusiveness, Civility, Respect: America Is For All Americans, All Ages, All Incomes, All Races, All Ethnicities, All Faiths, All Genders, All Orientations.

-Stop Domestic Violence.

Thinking that more Democratic-Socialist, Big Government Deficit Spending, Borrowing, and Money Printing are the answer for everything? Think again. We’ve been running on those economic steroids, adrenalin, and life support since the 2008 crash. As a former ICU specialist I can tell you, sooner or later, an even worse crash is coming. Get the code blue cart and the defibrillator paddles ready.

Big Government Socialism sounds great but always leads to stagnation, debt, eventually a crash, then a very painful recovery. Big governments end up run by insiders and cronies doing special favors for their well-connected friends paid for with borrowed money; leaving a stagnating economy saddled with heavy taxes, regulations, unemployment, welfarism, undignified dependency, failing schools and families, kids with no futures, and unsustainable government pensions and debt for everyone else. Think Detroit, Chicago, California, Greece, Venezuela.

To really help the young, the underprivileged, and minorities, to restore hope and dignity, vote for opportunity, real economic growth and jobs through fiscal responsibility and free enterprise.

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Richard B. Fox, M.D., J.D., B.A. (Economics)