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Argument in favor of Measure A

VOTE YES on A to preserve the outstanding education our children receive at Lakeside School.  Without Measure A Lakeside School will be forced to close.

Thanks to the commitment of our community, and your generous support of Lakeside Joint School District’s expiring parcel tax, our mountain community has been able to provide an excellent education, with statewide test scores consistently in the top 5%. With the current parcel tax expiring in May 2017—and continued increases in educational costs—we are asking you to support Measure A.

Measure A will preserve core academics, ensuring Lakeside students are prepared for success in high school and beyond.

Measure A will:

  • Protect high-quality academic programs in reading, writing, math, and science
  • Provide comprehensive education for middle school students
  • Attract and retain high-quality teachers
  • Keep instructional programs up to date
  • Provide a safe, well maintained learning environment

Without Measure A, Lakeside’s parcel tax will expire, and Lakeside School will close.

For more than 130 years, exceptional teachers, dedicated parent volunteers, rigorous curricula under your local control have prepared Lakeside children to succeed in high school, college, and careers. We want that legacy to continue. 

Unfortunately, years of unfunded government mandates and budget cuts have hurt schools throughout California including Lakeside School.

Lakeside values your investment with strict taxpayer protections over Measure A:

  • Seniors are eligible for an exemption
  • No funds can be taken by the State
  • No funds for administrator salaries 
  • Every penny stays local
  • Mandatory annual audits by an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee

Measure A lasts eight years and cannot be extended without a new vote.  

Whether or not you have school-age children, investing in quality local schools is good for our property values and our community.  

Please join community leaders, seniors, parents, teachers, and residents from every Lakeside neighborhood: Vote yes on Measure A!

Marcia Williams
President, On behalf of the Lakeside Teachers' Association

Mary “Mert” Parsons
38 Year Community Resident and Parent of 3 Lakeside Graduates

Leon Milburn
Retired School Board Member, 56 Year Mountain Resident and Property Owner

Kathleen Nestler
40 Year Mountain Resident and Director of a non profit organization

Wilfred E. Everts
Treasurer, Lake Canyon Mutual Water Company