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Argument for Measure B

Every child deserves to learn in safe, quality school facilities.  Help make it true for the children of Santa Cruz.   VOTE YES on Measure B for Santa Cruz City Elementary School District.

Our neighborhood elementary schools work hard everyday providing a high quality education to local children. However, most schools are now over 50 years old (the Branciforte Small Schools site is over 100!).  After constant use over many decades, facility problems are common.  Without basic upgrades and renovations for 21st century instruction, our local quality of education will suffer.

Measure B provides an essentials-only plan to address the most critical needs for improved safety and learning.  NO other funding currently exists to properly upgrade these facilities.

Measure B will:  

  • Repair deteriorated roofs, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems
  • Renovate aging classrooms and school facilities to support student achievement in reading, math, science, arts and technology
  • Upgrade educational technology for 21st century instruction
  • Remove hazardous materials (asbestos, lead paint, etc.)  
  • Replace aging portables with modern, permanent classrooms
  • Improve school safety, security and access for disabled children

ALL FUNDS STAY LOCAL.  The State CANNOT take this funding away or use it for other purposes. 

MANDATORY taxpayer safeguards are included. NO funds are allowed for administrators' salaries.  Independent Citizens' Oversight and annual audits ensure funds are spent properly.

Passing Measure B qualifies Santa Cruz City ESD to receive millions in State matching money.  Without Measure B, those funds will go to others that have passed local measures.

Whether or not you have school-age children, protecting the local quality of education is a wise investment.   Studies show that teachers and students perform better in quality schools.   Good schools also protect property values and keep our community strong.  

Please!  Make your vote count  – for our children, for our community.  

At the bottom of your ballot, VOTE YES on B.

Ryan Coonerty
Supervisor, Santa Cruz County

David Terrazas
Santa Cruz City Councilmember

Pam Hernandez
Retired Teacher

Bill Tysseling
CEO, Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce

Jim Logsden
Retired School Superintendent, Longtime Resident