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Argument Against Measure D

Measure D will not provide our County with the effective transportation system we need.

Measure D would waste $100 million to add lanes to Highway 1. A survey of highway studies conducted at UC Davis concludes that adding lanes does not improve traffic flow over the long term. The Caltrans Environmental Impact Report on Highway 1 confirms that there would be negligible congestion relief from the proposed project due to an increase in auto traffic (see our website for details:

Cities and counties in the S.F. Bay Area have been successful using less costly strategies to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Recently introduced commuter benefits programs offered through employers eliminated 4.2 million solo vehicle trips and their associated emissions in 12 months.  No sales tax revenues were needed, and employers and workers received federal tax breaks.

Measure D won’t even provide sufficient funds to maintain current bus service, let alone create new programs such as bus rapid transit that can accommodate large numbers of riders.

If Measure D is defeated, we can pass a better ballot measure in a couple of years—a measure that would offer alternatives for commuters stuck on Highway 1, as well as road repair, safe routes to schools, and a trail along the rail corridor.

If Measure D passes, we will be stuck with 30 years of bond payments for a strategy that doesn’t work.

As County voters have already done in the past, we need to reject highway widening and work for a better measure.

We need a ballot measure that serves all members of our community without producing increased greenhouse gases that destabilize the climate, without destroying trees and wetlands, and without enabling urban sprawl.

Santa Cruz County can do better.

Please vote NO on Measure D.

Rick Longinotti*
Chair, The Campaign for Sensible Transportation

Ernestina Saldaña*
Bus Riders Association

Celia Scott
former Mayor, City of Santa Cruz

Mauricio Rivera
Cabrillo Student Senate (2015-2016)

Gary Milburn
former Board Member, Bike Santa Cruz County

*Signing on behalf of the organization listed below the name.