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Reply: Rebuttal to argument against Measure D

Don’t be fooled: Measure D opponents aren’t working for sustainable, community-wide transportation solutions. They prefer doing nothing to solve our transportation problems rather than accept modest compromises that address everyone’s needs.

Twelve years in the making, Measure D is our best chance to upgrade transportation in Santa Cruz County. If Measure D fails our problems will grow worse and become more expensive to fix over the next twelve years – and we’ll forfeit millions in state matching funds.

Measure D has been carefully vetted through an exhaustive community-wide process. It’ll help everyone – whether you travel by car, bike, bus, rail – or on foot.

Measure D will relieve congestion on Highway 1 and other clogged corridors using proven methods. The University of California Transportation Center study cited by our opponents actually shows Measure D will help reduce greenhouse gases.

Everyone experiences high blood pressure or loses time away from their families while stuck in traffic – particularly people living in Watsonville and South County.

Other benefits include:

  • Fixing potholes and repairing roads
  • Neighborhood relief from cut-through traffic
  • Speeding up 911 emergency response times
  • Improving traffic safety near schools
  • Protecting essential transit services, many for senior citizens and the disabled
  • Over $130M to make Santa Cruz County a safer place for people bicycling

Many of us don’t love every single aspect of Measure D, but we recognize that we need a balanced, sustainable plan that benefits all of us.

Join environmental leaders, commuters, parents, cyclists, bus riders and seniors from across the county in voting Yes on Measure D.

It’s time for a solution.

Mark Stone
Assembymember, 29th District

John Leopold
Santa Cruz County Supervisor, 1st District

Eduardo Montesino
President, Bus Drivers Union

Terry Corwin
Environmental Community Leader

Karen Delaney
Chair, Human Care Alliance