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Voter Data Purchases

The following individuals/campaigns have purchased voter data from Santa Cruz County. The voter file is confidential. However, pursuant to Elections Code Sections 2188 and 2194, voter registration information is available for election, scholarly, journalistic and political purposes, as well as governmental purposes, as determined by the Secretary of State. Each request to view, purchase, or use voter registration information must be submitted on an application filed with the Elections Department prior to obtaining any information. Applicants must show photo ID. 

Voter data includes the voter's name, date of birth, residence and mailing addresses, political party, phone number, and email information provided by the voter when they registered to vote. Data can also include whether or not the voter has voted in up to four elections.

Name On Behalf Of Date Information Requested
Jeffrey Buckley, PDI CDP, CRP, DCCC; 3/2/2018 Santa Cruz County
Douglas A Deitch Self 2/20/2018 20th Congressional District
Alexander J Hulanicki Nancy Bilicich 1/18/2018 4th Supervisorial District
Sonia R Ortega Pajaro Valley Fire 2/6/2018 Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District
John W Warner III Self 3/8/2018 City of Watsonville
Paul E Graham Ted Brown 3/23/2018 Santa Cruz County
Francisco Estrada Self 4/2/2018 Watsonville District 4
Stephany E Aguilar Self 4/6/2018 City of Scotts Valley
Allison M Endert Ryan Coonerty 4/9/2018 3rd Supervisorial District
Jeffrey Buckley Chris Myers; CDP, CRP, DCCC 4/6/2018 Santa Cruz County
Jimmy Dutra Self 4/11/2018 4th Supervisorial District
Margaret Anne Bollock City Council Candidates 4/11/2018 City of Santa Cruz
Rachel J Dann Cynthia Mathews 4/13/2018 City of Santa Cruz
Scott K McLeavy Ted Brown 4/17/2018 Santa Cruz County VBM Returns
Patricia H Fohrman Felipe Hernandez 4/18/2018 4th Supervisorial District
Zach D Schwarzbach Self 4/26/2018 Santa Cruz County
Jeffrey Buckley CDP, CRP, DCCC 4/24/2018 Santa Cruz County
Raimann S Koenig Greenway Capitola 4/27/2018 City of Capitola
Rachel Dawn Dixon Phipps TargetSmart Communications 5/1/2018 Santa Cruz County
Rachel Dawn Dixon Phipps TargetSmart Communications 5/1/2018 Santa Cruz County Vote-By-Mail Returns
Eileen Cross Self 5/2/2018 City of Santa Cruz
Bruce Van Allen Self 5/2/2018 Santa Cruz County
Paul E Graham Ted Brown 5/7/2018 Vote By Mail Returns for Santa Cruz County
Vivek Viswanathan Self 5/11/2018 Santa Cruz County
Cynthia Mathews Self 5/15/2018 City of Santa Cruz
William J Beecher Self 5/16/2018 Pajaro Valley Unified School District Trustee Area 7
Kate E Biagini Yes on Measure R 5/17/2018 Loma Prieta School District
Carol A Fuller Yes on Measure S 5/22/2018 City of Santa Cruz Vote-By-Mail Issue/Returns
Ramon M Gomez Aurelio Gonzalez 5/22/2018 4th Supervisorial District Vote-By-Mail Returns and New Registrations
Rachel Dann Ryan Coonerty 5/22/2018 3rd Supervisorial District
Bruce Van Allen Self 5/22/2018 Santa Cruz County Vote-By-Mail Issue/Returns
Vic A Marani Self 5/30/2018 Walking Lists of Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville
Jimmy Dutra Self 6/1/2018 Santa Cruz County
Ramon Gomez Aurelio Gonzalez 6/1/2018 Watsonville City Council District 2 and 4th Supervisorial District
Victor A Marani Self 6/19/2018 Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Ronald P Kabat Self 6/26/2018 20th Congressional District
Victor A Marani Self 6/29/2018 La Selva Beach Recreation Walking List
Jimmy Dutra Self 7/6/2018 4th Supervisorial District
Cynthia Hawthorne Self 7/18/2018 City of Santa Cruz
Cynthia Ranii Self 7/16/2018 Santa Cruz City Schools District
Bruce Van Allen Self 7/18/2018 Santa Cruz County; Vote-By-Mail Returns, Final; Street Master Extract; District to Precinct Extract