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Loma Prieta Joint Union School District Bond

Measure R - To repair Loma Prieta School District’s fire-damaged classrooms and community center, update fire alarms, water systems, electrical/heating and plumbing systems, meet health/safety codes, modernize aging classroom technology, acquire, repair, construct, equipment/sites with funding that cannot be taken by the State shall this Loma Prieta Joint Union School District measure be adopted to issue $10,600,000 in bonds at legal rates, levy on average 3 cents/$100 assessed value ($670,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with annual audits and citizens oversight?

Argument for Measure R
Rebuttal to argument for Measure R
Argument against Measure R
Rebuttal to argument against Measure R
Impartial analysis of Measure R
Tax Rate Statement Measure R
Full Text of Measure R
Resolution calling for Loma Prieta school bond measure
Contact information for public inspection periods for Measure R