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Argument for Measure U


The purpose of Measure "U" is to provide Santa Cruz voters with the opportunity to weigh in on the future growth plans of the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) campus.

UCSC periodically updates its Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) to guide future growth in campus enrollment, among other issues. The current LRDP was approved in 2005 and is set to expire in 2020, and UCSC has initiated a process to prepare a new plan. Recently, UCSC’s Chancellor announced that the next LRDP will call for an enrollment increase from the current 18,000 students to as many as 28,000 students by the year 2040.

While the City of Santa Cruz has no direct regulatory authority over UCSC, the University of California or its Regents, this advisory vote will allow city residents to collectively weigh in on expansion plans that will directly impact the Santa Cruz community.   Indeed, UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal has said he encourages active community input and participation during this LRDP process, and we appreciate that commitment.

Action by local residents through the initiative process is a meaningful way for communities to provide input regarding long range development projections. Public votes provide guidance and directly inform the University, the UC System and the Regents of the community’s priorities and concerns. Community members are acutely aware of the housing, water and traffic challenges that beset our City. While there may be differences of opinion regarding the University’s role in creating these problems, any reasonable person would agree that UCSC plays an important role and has significant impacts in all three areas.

The results of this measure will assist the City in its participation in the LRDP review process and send a strong message to the UC Regents and UC System regarding community priorities and concerns.

Mike Rotkin
University Lecturer

Coalition for Limiting University Expansion
John C. Aird

Deborah Elston
Neighborhood Representative

Robert Orrizzi
Neighborhood Representative