List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
Democratic Registration & Turnout
Republican Registration & Turnout
American Independent Registration & Turnout
Green Registration & Turnout
Libertarian Registration & Turnout
Peace and Freedom Registration & Turnout
Democratic Decline to State Registration & Turnout
Nonpartisan Registration & Turnout
DEM - U. S. Congress 14th District
DEM - U. S. Congress 17th District
DEM - State Senator 11th
DEM - State Senator 15th
DEM - State Assembly 27th District
DEM - State Assembly 28th District
DEM - DEM Cntrl Comm 2nd Dist
DEM - DEM Cntrl Comm 3rd Dist
REP - U. S. Congress 14th District
REP - U. S. Congress 17th District
REP - State Senator 11th
REP - State Senator 15th
REP - State Assembly 27th District
REP - State Assembly 28th District
GRE - U. S. Congress 14th District
LIB - U. S. Congress 14th District
LIB - State Assembly 27th District
PAF - PAF Cntrl Comm
Superior Court Judge
County Supervisor 1st District
County Supervisor 2nd District
County Supervisor 5th District
98-Eminent Domain. Limits on Government Authority
99-Eminent Domain. Limits on Gov. Acquisition
Q-Scotts Valley Unified-Bond 55% to Pass
V-Aromas-San Juan Unified- Bond - 55% to Pass
R-Countywide Library Improvement 2/3 to Pass
S-Ben Lomond Fire District-Bond 2/3 to Pass