List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
No Party Preference Registration & Turnout
Democratic Registration & Turnout
Republican Registration & Turnout
American Independent Registration & Turnout
Green Registration & Turnout
Libertarian Registration & Turnout
Peace and Freedom Registration & Turnout
Democratic No Party Preference Turnout
Democratic - Presidential Preference
Democratic - Cnty Central Comm 3rd Dist Vote for 5
Democratic - Cnty Central Comm 4th Dist Vote For 3
Republican - Presidential Preference
American Independent - Presidential Preference
Green - Presidential Preference
Libertarian - Presidential Preference
Peace and Freedom - Presidential Preference
Peace and Freedom - Members, Cnty Central Comm Vote For 7
United States Senator
U. S. Congress 18th District
U. S. Congress 20th District
State Senator 17th District
State Assembly 29th District
State Assembly 30th District
County Supervisor 1st District
County Supervisor 2nd District
County Supervisor 5th District
28 Limits on Legislators' Terms of Office. Majority to Pass
29 Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research. Majority to Pass
C - West Valley-Mission College-Bond Measure - 55% to Pass
I - Santa Cruz City High School District-Parcel Tax 2/3 to Pass
J - Santa Cruz City Elementary School-District Parcel Tax 2/3 to Pass
K - Scotts Valley Unified School District-Parcel Tax 2/3 to Pass