Santa Cruz County Elections
Office Going to Election June 5, 2012
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Offices Incumbent Ballot Designation Candidate Statement
Board of Supervisors, District 1      
Gary Richard Arnold   Local Businessman Yes
John Leopold X Santa Cruz County Supervisor Yes
Charles Andrew Paulden   Health, Environmental Psychologist Yes
Board of Supervisors, District 2      
Douglas Deitch   Nonprofit Executive Director Yes
Antonio R. Rivas   School Counselor/Teacher Yes
Rich McInnis   Local Tavern Owner Yes
Daniel William Beckett   Small Business Owner Yes
Zach Friend   Police Spokesman/Analyst Yes
Board of Supervisors, District 5      
Susan G. Weber   Community Volunteer Withdrawn
William H. Smallman   Civil Engineer Yes
Eric Hammer   Local Business Owner Yes
Bruce McPherson   Businessman/Journalist Yes
County Central Committees and
County Councils
3rd Supervisorial District - Elect 5 Members - Democratic Party Ballot Designation
Darrell Darling Incumbent
Judy Warner Incumbent
Pete Kennedy Green Building Professional
Brian T. Murtha Incumbent
Cynthia Mathews Incumbent
Carol Fuller Incumbent
4th Supervisorial District - Elect 3 Members - Democratic Party Ballot Designation
Margarita Alejo Social Services Provider
Nick Rivera Appointed Incumbent
Isaac Rodriguez Community Organizer
Doug Keegan Incumbent
Felipe Hernandez None
Peace and Freedom Party County Council - Elect 7 Members Ballot Designation
Neal Sweeney Researcher
Tahnne Sweeney Community Volunteer
Maureen Smith Incumbent
Michael J. Smith Incumbent
5/11/2012 13:24