Offices up for Election March 2, 2004
Filing Closes December 5
Offices Political Party Incumbent Stmt of Int   501 Sigs In Lieu Issued Nom Paper Issued Dec. of Cand. Filed  
14th District     N/A        
Anna G. Eshoo (Filed in San Mateo) DEM X N/A   11/13/2003 11/13/2003  
Brian Holtz (Filed in San Mateo) LIB   N/A 10/1/2003 Req. Met 12/1/2003  
John Christian Haugen (Filed in Santa Clara) REP   N/A   11/10/2003 11/26/2003  
17th District     N/A        
Sam Farr (Filed in Monterey) DEM X N/A     11/10/2003  
Ray Glock-Grueneich GREEN   N/A 9/29/2003 Req. Met 12/4/2003  
Joe Williams P&F   N/A 10/1/2003 Req. Met 11/21/2003  
Art Dunn (Filed in Monterey) DEM         11/10/2003  
Mark Risley (Filed in Monterey) REP         11/13/2003  
Connor Vlakancic (Filed in Monterey) REP         11/20/2003  
Joel Smolen (Filed in Monterey) LIB         11/20/2003  
Michael Morrison (Filed in Monterey) REP         11/20/2003  
12/8/03 9:08 AM