Congressional Offices Going to Election Filing Closed 12/05/03 Candidate Inc. Ballot Designation
14th Congressional District-DEM Anna Eshoo X Member of Congress
14th Congressional District-REP Chris Haugen   Teacher
14th Congressional District-LIB Brian Holtz   Engineer/Author/Father
17th Congressional District-DEM Sam Farr X United States Representative
17th Congressional District-DEM Art Dunn   Businessman
17th Congressional District-REP Michael Morrison   City Councilman/Businessman
17th Congressional District-REP Mark Risley   Executive/Business Owner
17th Congressional District-REP Connor Vlakancic   Business Executive
17th Congressional District-GRE Ray Glock-Grueneich   Paralegal
17th Congressional District-LIB Joel Smolen   Registered Investment Advisor
17th Congressional District-P&F Joe Williams   Bookseller
12/22/2003 8:08