Judicial Offices
Declaration of Intention Closed November 5. All nomination documents due by December 5.
Offices Incumbent Stmt of Intent 501 Sigs In Lieu Issued Dec. of Intent Filed Nom Paper Issued Dec. of Cand. Filed Cand Stmt. Filed
Superior Court Judge Dept 5              
Michael Barton X     10/27/2003 11/14/2003 11/25/2003 No
Superior Court Judge Dept 8              
Richard McAdams (appointed to 6th Appellate Court.) Jeff Almquist appointed to fill vacant position on 10/17/03-Election postponed to 2006.  
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Superior Court Judge Dept 9              
Robert Atack X     10/27/2003 11/12/2003 11/20/2003 No
12/6/03 10:27 AM