State Legislature -- Partisan
Filing Closed November 5 for Declarations of Intention -- awaiting confirmation from other counties and Secretary of State for final update on November 6.
Nomination documents due by December 5.
Offices Political Party Incumbent Stmt of Intent 501 Sigs In Lieu Issued Dec.of Intent Filed Nom Paper Issued Dec. of Cand. Filed Cand Stmt. Filed
State Senate 11th District                
Byron Sher DEM X Termed Out
Allen Rice (Filed in Santa Clara) LIB     10/6/2003 10/29/2003     No
S. Joseph Simitian (Filed in Santa Clara) DEM     10/1/2003 11/4/2003   12/1/2003 No
Ted Lempert (Filed in San Mateo) DEM     9/26/2003 11/5/2003   12/5/2003 Yes
Jon Zellhoefer (Filed in Santa Clara) REP       10/30/2003     No
State Senate 15th District                
Bruce McPherson REP X Termed Out
Abel Maldonado (Filed in Santa Barbara) REP   2/10/2003   10/29/2003   11/20/2003 No
Margaret A. Pinard (Filed in San Luis Obispo) DEM       11/5/2003 12/3/2003 pending No
State Assembly 27th District                
John Laird DEM X 11/2/2002 9/26/2003 10/31/2003 Req. Met 12/3/2003 Yes
Jack Donald Barlich (Filed in Monterey) REP   11/17/2003   11/4/2003   11/10/2003 No
State Assembly 28th District                
Simon Salinas (Filed in Monterey) DEM X     10/29/2003   11/10/2003 Yes
Robert Eli Perkins (Filed in Monterey) REP       11/4/2003   11/12/2003 No
12/8/03 12:57 PM