Election Data For Sale

From Santa Cruz County

YOU WANT IT WHEN? Orders will be completed within 2 working days except for absentee voter information if previously requested to be received on a daily basis.

$$PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE OF ANY PURCHASE. Candidates and Committees may set up an account with the Elections Department by writing a check "Not to Exceed" a certain dollar amount. Purchases will then be subtracted from that amount until the cap is reached. At that time the check will be cashed. If total purchases are less than the amount of the original check, candidates will be asked to write a check for the specific amount due and the original check will be returned.

Walking Lists

These lists are by consolidated voting precinct, in alphabetical order by street, and are available sometime after the 54th day prior to the election and after the 29th day prior to the election. (Elections Code 2184)

  • Per thousand names --------------------------------------------------- 50

Printed Voter Indexes by Street or Alpha

Special order computer jobs (other than the 54 or 29-day indexes) can be requested at any time. Indexes can be sorted by street or alphabetical by voter’s name.

  • First 15,000 names -------------------------------------------------------$25
  • Each additional 1,000 names----------------------------------------- $1.50

Voter Lists on 3 " Floppy Disk

Voter lists, including names and addresses of voters and voter history, names of voters who have requested absentee ballots, are available on 3 " floppy disk.

  • 1 disk ----------------------------------------------------------------------------$40
  • Each additional disk --------------------------------------------------------$25
  • Absentee voter lists on disk for five consecutive days----------- $175

Voter Lists on CD

The voter lists described above may be purchased on CD.

  • Under 50,000 records ------------------------------------------------------$50
  • 50,000 to 100,000 records ------------------------------------------------$75
  • 100,000 records or more --------------------------------------------------$100

All Other Computer Generated Print Jobs

Any other request for a computer generated print-out, such as a list of streets by district costs:

  • Per computer job --------------------------------------------------------------$25
  • per page over 100 --------------------------------------------------------------50

Mailing Labels of Voters or Households

Please check with the Elections Department for pricing and availability.

List of Polling Places / List of Candidates on the Ballot

A list of the polling places in an election (ranges from 163 to 170 for countywide elections) and a list of candidates’ names and addresses is available for purchase.

  • Each list ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$10


The county Planning Department produces computer-generated maps. Maps are available for purchase or viewing in the Elections Department during regular office hours.

Individual precinct maps: These maps are 81/2" x 11" with one general registration precinct per page. Maps cost $.50 each and 369 maps comprise Santa Cruz County.

  • Each map----------------------------------------------------------- 50

Supervisorial maps: 11" x 17" map of each supervisorial district.

  • Each map -----------------------------------------------------------$3

Countywide and district maps: Various other wall-size maps of districts and the county are also available. Maps measure approximately 33" x 43" .

  • Each map -----------------------------------------------------------$13

Daily Absentee Voter Printout

A daily list of who has requested, issued and then returned a vote-by-mail ballot may be purchased.

  • First page -------------------------------------------------------------------$5
  • Each additional page--------------------------------------------------- 50


Copies of candidate’s campaign reporting documents (Forms 410, 460, etc.) are available.

  • Each page -------------------------------------------------------------------10

An additional $5 retrieval fee is charged if the item requested is more than five (5) years old. (Gov. Code 81008)

Photocopying of all other items:

  • Each of the first five (5) pages ----------------------------------------50
  • Each additional page ----------------------------------------------------10

Secretary of State’s CALVOTER

The Secretary of State also has voter file information available for purchase. The file is distributed on a CD in a plain text-file format (tab-delimited.) The first record contains field headings to interpret the data. It can be ordered for voters statewide or by specific counties or districts.

Please be advised that each county is actually responsible for maintaining its own voter registration data. The currency of the data in the statewide CALVOTER database varies from county to county as not all counties update us on a regular basis. Therefore, the counties are always your best source for the most current data.

For more information, please contact Bruce McDannold, Calvoter Administrator, at (916) 6572602 or by email at bmcdanno@ss.ca.gov or Cathy Ingram-Kelly at (916) 651-8975 or email ckelly@ss.ca.gov

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