May 19, 2009 Statewide Special Election

May 19,2009
Days Prior DATE ACTIVITY Date Task Completed
74 March 6,2009 Last Day to Submit Resolutions of Consolidation  - Final deadline for the governing body of a district, city, school or other political subdivison which requests consolidation of a local election for cands/measures.  Deadline for filing Tax Rate Statement for Bond Measures  
74 March 6,2009 Send consolidation resolution to BOS. See word.bos.res.consolidation for local ballot measures  
74 March 6,2009 Notification of Mail Ballot Precinct - last day to determine that there are 250 or fewer registered voters in any precinct.  Card to be mailed to each involved voter regarding date they should receive their mail ballot.   
69 March 11,2008 Arguments Due for Meaures  - Deadline to submit arguments for or against ballot measures filed by local entity                 E.C. 9163, 9216  
  March 12, 2008 to March 22, 2008 10-day Public Inspection for Measures  
69 March 11,2009 Prepare copies of measures/state proposition wording for proofing  
64 March 16,2009 For those jurisdictions that submitted measures on this date arguments for and against measures will be due, as well as tax rate statements (if applicable).  
60 March 20,2009 60 day registration close - Registration Files Update  
60 March 20,2009 During this period, county elections officials shall send to SOS  
50 March 30,2009 summary statement of RV by party as of March 30, 2009 EC 2187  
60 March 20,2009 Federal Election - Overseas Voter, Application for Absent Voter's Ballot  
    EC 3304  
60 March 20,2009 Special Absent Voters' ballot application period begins - EC 300(b), 3103  
54 March 26,2009 54-Day Walking Lists Prepared EC 2184  
50 March 30,2009 The last day for county to send to SOS a summary statement of the number of RV as of March 20, 2009 - EC 2187(d)(4)  
40 April 9,2009 Sample Ballot pamphlet mailing EC 13300-13304   
21 April 28,2009 Between these dates the county elections official shall mail a Sample Ballot and polling place notice to each registered voter.                          Between these dates the SOS shall mail state ballot pamphlets to all houselholds in which voters were registered by Friday, March 20 (E-60).  The County will do a supplemental mailing of state pamphlets to voters who register after May 4.  
  April 30,2008 Date fixed by Law - Quarterly statements by Ballot Measure Committees (any measure) G.C. Code 84202.3     
30 April 19,2009 Notice of Early Tabulation - last day for jurisdictions/SOS to notify county elections that certain offices or measures to be voted on are of more than ordinary public interest and require early tabulation and announcement.     EC 14440 - 14443  
29 April 20,2009 Prepare sets of sample ballots for media & any cities/districts holding elections.  
29 April 20,2009 Last Day to Register to Vote to Ensure Receipt of Sample Ballot            Voter registration cards received by this date (postmark NOT ACCEPTABLE) will be added to the rolls and the voters will receive a Sample Ballot Booklet.  EC 9094, 13303  
29 April 20,2009 Precinct Boards and Polling Places-last day to issue order appointing precinct board members, designate polling places; notify EO of appointment; publish list of EO/PP                       EC 12286  
29 April 20,2009 29-Day Walking Lists Prepared - The County Elections Oficial willprepare the 29-day voter index available for the purchase upon written application at a cost of 50 cents per 1,000 names. EC 2184  
29 April 20,2009 Mail Ballot Precincts. Mail vote-by-mail ballots  
    EC 3005  
29 April 20,2009 Between these dates, any registered voter may apply to county  
7 May 12,2009 elections for a vote-by-mail ballot.  
25 April 24,2009 Prepare "week-end voting" work calendar. Need two spanish speaking people and one full time staff person.  
21 April 28,2009 Last day for SOS to mail State Ballot pamphlets  EC 9094  
16 May 3,2009 Late Independent Expenditure Report (Form 496)- GC 84204, 85500.  
1 May 18,2009 Also - Slate mailer organizations.  
15 May 4,2009 15-Day Registration - The last day for any person to register to vote in the statewide special election.  EC 2107  
15 May 4,2009 Send to SOS a summary statement of the number of voters by party  
7 May 12,2009 registered by May 4, 2009 (E-15)                EC 2187(d)(5)  
14 May 5,2009 New Citizens Registration Period  
7 May 12,2009 EC 331, 3500, 3501  
12 May 7,2009 Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report Gov. Code 84203.5, 82031  
10 May 9,2009 Last day for a County to mail Sample Ballots to the voters                                                                                                                             EC 13300c  
10 May 9,2009 Last day for a County to mail supplemental State pamphlet  EC9094(c)  
6 May 13,2009 Late applications for Absentee ballots EC 3021  
0 May 19,2009 Voters may come to Elections Department and receive ballot over the counter  
7 May 12,2009 Postage goes up to 44 cents.  
7 May 12,2009 Last day to send a summary statement to SOS reflecting voters registered as of May 4, 2009  E-15.                             EC 2187(d)(5)  
3 May 16,2009 Weekend Voting  
2 May 17,2009 The Santa Cruz County Elections Department and Watsonville City Hall will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for weekend voting.  
1 May 18,2009 Measure Committees that make or receive a contribution during this 16 day period.  Guar. overnight mail, telegram, personal delivery, FAX within 24 hrs.  
0 May 19,2009 ELECTION DAY - Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.  
  May 19,2009 Begin to Process provisional and absentee ballots from polls.  
  May 21,2009 Official Canvass of precinct returns is to be completed during this time.    
  June 16,2009 E.C. 15301, 15372  
  June 18,2009 Statement of Vote to Board of Supervisors - Certificates of Election Prepared EC 15372, 15400-15401  
  5 days after Canvass Recount may be Requested - EC 15620, 15634  
  Varies between 10 days to 6months following certification Contesting Election - any elector of a county, city or of any political subdivision of either may contest any election held therein.                    EC 16100, 16401