All candidates for state and local office are required to file campaign disclosure statements. Additionally, any committee formed to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure is required to file campaign disclosure statements.

Campaign Disclosure Information Manuals

The Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) prepares campaign disclosure information manuals that provide information on who must file, when campaign statements must be filed, where statements are to be filed, etc. Current manuals are available at the Elections Department. Candidates or committees must check to be sure they are using the correct manual and addendum, if any.

  • Manual A is for elected officers or candidates for state and local elective offices (including judges) and their controlled campaign committees.
  • Manual B is for non-controlled committees primarily formed to support or oppose specific state or local candidates.
  • Manual C is for general purpose committees including political committees and broad based political committees.
  • Manual D is for recipient committees formed to support or oppose the qualification or passage of a state or local ballot measure.


Candidate Intention and Bank Account (501 & 502)

FPPC Forms 501 and 502 apply only to candidates who want to raise or spend money. They do not apply to Political Action Committees (PACS), Independent Political Committees, or Broad Based Political Committees. The forms are available from the County Elections Department and are public information once filed with the Secretary of State.







Candidate Intention. A candidate must file this form prior to the solicitation or receipt of any contribution, including the solicitation or receipt of contributions to pay off debts from a previous election, or to pay the current office holder expenses. A form 501 must be filed for each election, including runoff elections.

Secretary of State


Campaign Bank Account. This form must be filed within 10 days of establishing a campaign bank account. A candidate does not need to open a campaign account when only using personal funds to pay for the filing fee and/or candidate's statement fee. Otherwise, all contributions and expenditures must go through the campaign bank account.

Secretary of State.

Candidates for county offices must also file with the Elections Department within 24 hours of opening the campaign account.


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