Document Declaration of Candidacy

The Declaration of Candidacy is the official nomination document, wherein the candidate indicates how his/her name and ballot designation is to appear on the ballot. Additionally, the candidate declares that he/she meets the statutory and/or constitutional qualifications for the office sought, and that if nominated, the candidate will accept the nomination and not withdraw.

The Oath of Office on the Declaration of Candidacy form must be taken and signed by the candidate before a person authorized to administer oaths. The election officials and notaries public are so authorized.

The candidate is required to execute the Declaration of Candidacy in the office of the elections official, unless a written statement is signed and dated by the candidate designating a person to receive the Declaration of Candidacy form from the elections official and deliver it to the candidate. The written statement from the candidate shall include language indicating that the candidate is aware that the Declaration of Candidacy must be properly executed and delivered to the elections official in the county of the candidate’s residence by the 88th day prior to the general election.

(Elections Code §8020, 8028, 8101, 8105)

Who files All Candidates
  • July 17 to August 11
  • Extended to August 16 if the incumbent does not file.
Document Candidate's Statement of Qualifications

A statement by the candidate describing his or her education and qualifications to be printed in the Voter Pamphlet section of the county Sample Ballot. The statement must be paid for at the time of filing unless the district has agreed to pay for the statement. The statement may be withdrawn by 5 p.m. on the day following the filing deadline. See detailed instructions HERE.

(Elections Code §13307)

Who files Optional for city, school & special district candidates and nominees for Board of Supervisor & District Attorney
  • August 11
  • Extended to August 16 if the incumbent does not file


Candidate Intention, Bank Account, & Campaign Disclosure Forms

Periodic statements disclosing contributions made to and expenditures made by the candidate or committee. Must be filed at least once and possibly several times during an election cycle if more than $1,000 is being raised or spent including personal funds. See the disclosure requirements here.

(Government Code §84200, 84218)

Who files All candidates must file either a short form or a long form depending on how much money will be raised or spent.
Document Code of Fair Campaign Practices

May be voluntarily subscribed to by candidates for public office. See the campaign practices pages.

(Elections Code §20400-20444)

Who files Optional for all candidates
  • August 11
  • Extended to August 16 if the incumbent does not file
Document Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700)

Candidates for school and special district must disclose their interests in real property and income within the past 12 months in a Form 700 to be filed within 30 days of assuming office. Candidates appointed to an office must file 10 days after assuming office.

Candidates for city council are required to file a Form 700 with their Declaration of Candidacy.

The statement is not required if the candidate has filed such a statement within the past 60 days for the same jurisdiction. See the instructions here.

(Gov. Code§87200, 87201, 87500)

Who files Candidates elected to school and special districts and candidates seeking election to city council
Deadline File by January 8, 2001 for school and special districts

File by August 11, 2000 for city council candidates

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