Below is a sample of a Candidate’s Statement of Qualifications as it will appear in the Voter’s Information Pamphlet.

Statement of CHRIS CANDIDATE, Candidate for

County Supervisor, 6th District

County of Santa Cruz

Occupation: Teacher Age: 42

Education and Qualifications: I can bring to the office a diversity of viewpoints and experience. Born and raised in the Monterey Bay Area, with my family still farming, I can appreciate the concerns of the environmentalist. On the other hand, having been in business since my undergraduate days at UCSC, and with my experience in the rental and real estate fields, I appreciate the practical housing requirements of our community.

My credentials include:

  • Graduate of local high schools, UCSC graduate with a B.S. and MBA;
  • US Air Force sergeant;
  • Married and parent of 2;
  • Small Business owner;
  • Homeowner;

In addition, I have either served or am serving in the following clubs and organizations: Rotary; Chamber of Commerce; Sierra Club; PTA; Arts Council; Rock the Vote; and League of Women Voters.

If elected to this office, I will do my best to continue to serve as a leader and role model for our community and children.





The Spanish translation would appear here for candidates who request and purchase a Spanish translation of their Candidate’s Statement.

Or, this space would be used for other candidates running for the same office.

Candidate statements will appear in the same order as the candidates’ names appear on the ballot.


NOTE: If, due to excessive bulleting or any other reason, your candidate’s statement exceeds the 3.75" wide by 4.5" tall quarter page provided for each statement, you will be charged double for the additional space.

Or, the elections official may delete the bullets, and instead run the text together, separating the bulleted sections by semi-colons. Both bullets and a listing using semi-colons have been used in the sample above to illustrate this formatting.

Candidate’s who submit 400-word statements (if authorized by the jurisdiction) will be charged double for statements with 201 to 400 words.

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