“Attachment A”

List of Candidates to be Appointed In-Lieu of Election




NAME                                                                                                   TERM

Alba Park, Parkway and Recreation District

Julia J. Gotthold                                                                                 4-year term

James Thomas                                                                                 4-year term

Marilyn Pickering                                                                              4-year term


Opal Cliff Recreation and Park District

Kevin Mc Gibben                                                                              4-year term


Salsipuedes Sanitary District

Estelle K. Freedman                                                                         4-year term

Michael A. Larkin                                                                              4-year term


Place de Mer Geologic Hazard Abatement District

Vincent Toolan                                                                                  4-year term

Sue Murray                                                                                        4-year term

John Alburger                                                                                    4-year term