Santa Cruz County Elections

Special Statewide Election
October 7, 2003


July 24, 2003


Lieutenant Governor’s Proclamation
On this date, the Lieutenant Governor issued his proclamation calling the statewide special election.
Ca. Const. Art. II, secs. 15(a) and 17
Jul 24 to Aug 9

E-75 to E-59

In-Lieu Petitions
During this period, candidates may obtain forms from the county elections official for securing signatures in lieu of all or part of the filing fee. Signatures may also be applied to the signature requirement for office on the nomination paper.
8061, 8106
Jul 24 to Aug 9

E-75 to E-59

Declaration of Candidacy, Nomination Papers
During this period, candidates obtain and deliver nomination papers to the county elections officials for filing with the Secretary of State. Candidates must also file a Declaration of Candidacy during this period.
Filing fees shall be paid at the time the candidate files the declaration of candidacy with the county elections official.
Candidate statements to be included in the state ballot pamphlet must also be submitted during this period.

8105, 8106(b)(3)
Aug 1


Randomized Alphabet Drawing - Notice

The last day for the Secretary of State to notify the news media and other interested parties of the place the randomized alphabet drawing will be held at 11 a.m. on August 11, 2003 (E-57).

Aug 8


Notice To Each Candidate
Not less that five days before transmission of the certified list of candidates, the Secretary of State will notify each candidate of the names, addresses, occupations, and party affiliations of all other persons who have filed for the office.
Aug 8


Registration Files Update

Counties using data processing equipment to store registered voter information set forth in the affidavits of registration shall begin their computer updates in order to send a copy of their registered voter files to the Secretary of State by August 18, 2003 (E-50).

Aug 8 to Aug 18

E-60 to E-50

Report of Registration – 60-Day County Report

During this period, the county elections official shall send to the Secretary of State a summary of the number of persons registered by party in their counties and in each political subdivision thereof as of August 8, 2003.

Aug 9


In-Lieu Petitions
The last day to submit in-lieu filing fee petitions to the county elections officials. The county elections officials shall notify the candidate of any deficiencies prior to the close of the nomination period.
Aug 9


Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers
Last day for the county elections official to certify and file the Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers with the Secretary of State.
Aug 9


Candidate Statements Due
Aug 11


Randomized Alphabet Drawing
On this date (the first weekday after the close of filing of nomination papers for the office) at 11:00 a.m., the Secretary of State draws the randomized alphabet to determine the order for placing candidates' names on the ballot.
Aug 11 to Sep 23

E-57 to E-14

Statement of Write-In Candidacy and Nomination Papers
During this period, all write-in candidates must file their Statement of Write-in Candidacy and nomination papers with the county elections officials.
Aug 13


Certified List of Candidates
The last day for the Secretary of State to prepare and send to each county elections official a certified list of candidates showing the name of every person eligible to receive votes within the county at the statewide special election, their addresses, and the party each person represents.
Aug 18


Voter Registration Files to the Secretary of State

The last day for county elections official to send the Secretary of State a copy of their voter registration files of all voters registered prior to August 8, 2003 (E-60).

2187( c)&(d)(2)
Sep 8


Precinct Board Members and Polling Places
The last day for the county elections official to appoint the members of the several precinct boards and designate the polling places.
Sep 8


Canvass Procedures Available

Elections officials shall adopt semifinal official and official canvass procedures to conform to the applicable voting system procedures that have been approved by the Secretary of State. These procedures shall be available for public inspection no later than 29 days before each election.

Sep 8 to Sep 30

E-29 to E-7

Absent Voter Ballot Application

Between these dates, any registered voter may apply to the county elections official for an absent voter's ballot. Applications received before September 8, 2003 (E-29) shall be kept and processed during this application period.

3001, 3003, 10704(a)
Sep 22


Registration Closes

The last day for any person to register to vote in the statewide special election.

Note: No person shall be registered as a voter except by affidavit of registration. The affidavit shall be mailed or delivered to the county elections official and shall set forth all of the facts required to be shown by this chapter. A properly executed registration shall be deemed effective upon receipt of the affidavit by the county elections official if any of the following apply:

(1) The affidavit is postmarked on or before the 15th day prior to the election and received by mail by the county elections official.

(2) The affidavit is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles or accepted by any other public agency designated as a voter registration agency pursuant to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. Sec. 1973gg) on or before the 15th day prior to the election.

The affidavit is delivered to the county elections official by means other than those described in paragraphs (1) or (2) on or before the 15th day prior to the election.

2102, 2107
Sep 23


Write-In Candidacy
The last day to file as a write-in candidate.
Sep 23


Bilingual Precinct Board Members
The last day to prepare a list of precincts to which bilingual officers were appointed. A copy of this list shall be made available to the public.
Sep 27


Publication Of Tally Center Location
Once, on or before this date, the county elections officials shall publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation within the county specifying the public place to be used as the central tally center for counting the ballots.
Sep 30


Absent Voters
The last day to file applications for absent voter ballots.
3001, 10704
Sep 30


Computer Program to Secretary of State
The last day to verify computer vote count programs and deposit copies thereof with the Secretary of State.
The last day to send logic and accuracy test certifications to the Secretary of State.
Sep 30


Computer Processing of Absentee Ballots

Counties having the necessary computer capability may begin to process their absent voter ballots on this date. This process may be completed to the point of placing the ballot information on computer tape, but under NO circumstance shall a vote count be made before the polls close at 8 p.m. on October 7, 2003 (E). All other county elections official shall start to process absent voter ballots at 5 p.m. on the day before the election.

Oct 1-Oct 6

E-6 to E-1

Special Absent Voter - Recalled to Military Service

A registered voter recalled to service after October 1, 2003 but before 5 p.m. on October 6, 2003 may appear before the county elections official and obtain from the county elections official an absent voter's ballot which may be voted in the county elections official's office or outside the county elections official's office, on or before the close of the polls and returned as are other voted absent voter ballots.

Oct 1-Oct 6

E-6 to E-1

Absentee Ballots - Late Conditions

On or between these dates, any voter may apply in writing for an absent voter's ballot if he or she will unexpectedly be unable to go to the polls on election day. The voter may designate any authorized representative to return the voted absent voter’s ballot.

Oct 7


Election Day
On this date, the polls shall be open throughout the state from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voters who have moved from one address to another within the same county and not reregistered may vote a provisional ballot at the polling place for their current (new) address or at a central location. The voter should be able to provide an ID Card or Driver’s License with the new address, but if not available, then two other documents must be shown to establish new residence address.

The last day county election officials may receive ballots cast by absent voters by mail or in person. Absent voter ballots must be received by 8 p.m. at any polling place in the county or at the office of the elections official.

Ca. Const. Art. II, Sec. 15 (a)

1000, 14212









3017, 3020

Nov 4


Official Canvass
The last day for the county elections officials to complete the official canvass.
Nov 11


Statement of Results to Secretary of State
By this date, the county elections officials shall send to the Secretary of State by registered mail one complete copy of the returns for the statewide special election.
Nov 15


Statement of the Vote
The last day for the Secretary of State to prepare, certify, and file a statement of the Vote from the compiled returns.
Mar 14, 2004


Supplement to the Statement of Vote
Last day for the Secretary of State to compile a supplement to the statement of the vote showing the number of votes cast in each county, city, Assembly district, State Senatorial district, Congressional district, and supervisorial district

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