Santa Cruz County Elections



Voter Guides and Information

ball Voter Requested Manual Recounts

ball Code sections on contesting an election are found in Division 16 of the California Elections Code

ball Spanish Language Glossary of Election Terms from the EAC pdf

ball Nominating and Electing the President

ball Santa Cruz County Elections Service for Voters with Specific Needs

ball Information for Nonprofits

ball Voters who no longer physically reside in Santa Cruz County

ball Defining a Voting Domicile

ball School and Community College District Bond Elections pdf

ball When and How to Call an Election for Local Jurisdictions pdf

ball How to do a County Initiative pdf

ball Judicial Vacancies Secretary of State Memo of August 13, 2003 pdf

ball Judicial Vacancies Santa Cruz County Memo of September 5, 2003 pdf

ball Judicial Vacancies Guide from the League of Women Voters

ball Secretary of State Initiative Page

ball Guide to Writing Arguments, Rebuttals and Analyses pdf

ball Selecting a Political Party or No Party

ball Voting Guide for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities

ball Equal Time Rules

ball Guide to Political Activities of County Employees Concerning Ballot Measures

ball Santa Cruz County Informational Guide to HAVA pdf

ball Help America Vote Act Identification Requirements

ball Secretary of State's Help America Vote Act Information

ball Central Committees/County Council Rules

ball What is the Electoral College pdf

ball How a Federal Bill Becomes Law

ball Guide to Recall for County, School District, Special District and Local Judicial Offices pdf

ball Procedure for Recall of State and Local Officials From the Secretary of State

ball How to a County Referendum pdf

ball Election Observer Guidelines pdf


Governing Body Guides

ball When and How to Call an Election pdf

ball School and Community College District Bond Elections pdf

ball How to Place a Measure on the Ballot pdf

ball How to Fill a Vacancy pdf

ball Who Can Administer Oaths pdf

ball Mello-Roos Districts from California Tax Data.Com pdf

ball Understanding Proposition 218

ball Rules for Conducting Balloting Proceedings for Assessments pdf

ball Equal Time Links

ball For help with Adobe Acrobat, please Click Here


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