Argument Against Measure B

Don’t be fooled by the County Board of Supervisors and County Administrative Officer promises at the ballot box again!

In 2018, these same people tricked voters and promised a nearly-identical list of issues, including “fire” would be funded as “critical unmet needs” (Measure G).

Voters approved the increase because most everyone wants reliable emergency fire response.

However, to date the CAO and Board of Supervisors have allocated ZERO DOLLARS of the $6+ million annual revenue to fund any fire agency, not even those who saved homes in the CZU Fire.

See for yourself what these leaders promised in 2018:,_California,_Measure_G,_Sales_Tax_(November_2018).

Now, they’re at it again, and want you to help them fund large projects costing millions of dollars they have already approved, knowing it would cause a budget deficit, none of which is wildland fire-related.

Additionally, Measure B increases taxes by 3% for Vacation as well as Hosted Rentals: people, some being on fixed incomes, dependent on temporarily renting a room occasionally to make ends meet. These people will have to increase their rates too, and at a much higher rate than the 1% that the large hotel owners would pay.

Why would the Board of Supervisors and CAO want to unfairly force a 3% increase on Hosted Rental and Vacation Home owners, but only a 1% increase on the big hotel chains?

Don’t be fooled into approving this unfair tax increase that has absolutely no guarantee the local leaders would spend any of it on fire or the other causes they promise.

They tricked voters in 2018. Don’t let them trick you again.

Note “NO” on Measure B and hold the Board of Supervisors and CAO accountable.

Signed: Becky Steinbruner, concerned citizen

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