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Argument for Measure C

Vote YES on Measure C to keep our community safe, clean and free of litter and trash.

Locally, we produce too much trash to keep up with. The only landfill run by Santa Cruz County is running out of room and will close within the next 6-8 years. A large source of this trash includes single-use items that end up in our streets and coastal waters. 

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium have found that the problem of single-use items in our coastal waters is getting worse. Measure C addresses the use of these harmful pollutants to protect our ocean and local marine life and supports essential services that benefit and protect the well-being of the community.

Every year, local nonprofit groups like Save our Shores and Downtown Streets Team collect tens of thousands of pounds of trash in our county. Measure C is critical to reduce the amount of plastic and other trash on our streets and in our coastal waters and that end up on our local beaches. 

Vote YES on C to Reduce Waste and Pollution in Santa Cruz County: 

  • Preserve clean drinking water 
  • Protect marine life and the environment 
  • Reduce pollution, trash and plastics 
  • Help prevent wildfires
  • Clean up trash and litter
  • Maintain beaches, parks and open space 

Fiscal Accountability Required

  • All funds would be locally controlled and locally spent
  • No funds could be taken away by the State
  • A clear system of accountability, including annual audits and public reports 

Tourists are responsible for some of the single-use cups that get thrown away. A YES vote on Measure C ensures that they contribute to the clean-up programs for the problems they help to create. 

This June, let’s vote YES on Measure C to reduce trash and pollution in our community and keep Santa Cruz County a great place to live, work and visit. 

/s/ Dan Costa, Biologist, Director of the Institute of Marine Sciences, UCSC

/s/ Erica Donnelly-Greenan, Executive Director, Save our Shores

/s/ Tracey Weiss, Executive Director, O'neill Sea Odyssey

/s/ John Ricker, Water Resources Director (Retired), County of Santa Cruz

/s/ Terry Corwin, Chair, County Park Friends

If an asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing on behalf of that agency/organization.

If no asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing as an individual.