Rebuttal to argument against Measure E

This June,  Vote YES on Measure E!

Measure E will allow all city voters to directly participate in election of the city’s Mayor.  This will be the first time in city history that voters can directly elect their Mayor to a 4-year term.

Up until now, all councilmembers have been elected at-large, with the Mayor chosen annually from among them.  Starting this fall, in accordance with state law, councilmembers will no longer be elected by city-wide vote, but by individual districts. The key issue is how we respond to this new system.

Measure E will ensure that one position -- the Mayor -- is selected by all city voters for a 4-year term, to represent the interests of the entire city.

Without Measure E, we won’t have a direct voice on who is Mayor.  Instead, the annually appointed Mayor would be one of the district councilmembers, and nothing would ensure an overall approach to the city’s interests.  A rotating,  appointed Mayor would put the city in a weakened position.

Measure E will guarantee that the Mayor is elected by voters from all parts of the city and responsive to city-wide issues. The 4-year term will provide greater continuity and a stronger voice to address the city’s priorities. Without Measure E, there will be no strong elected voice representing the interests of the entire city.

Measure E gives us the opportunity to balance district election of councilmembers with the overall perspective of an at-large elected Mayor.

Vote YES on Measure E, so all Santa Cruz voters can directly elect the city’s Mayor!


/s/ Pete Kennedy
/s/ Krista Cook
/s/ Martine Watkins, Vice-Mayor

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