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Filing extended until 5pm, Wednesday, December 11 for Judge Symons seat

Superior Court Judge Ari Symons did not file her Declaration of Candidacy by the 5pm, December 6 deadline.

Pursuant to Elections Code Section 8204 if an incumbent judge files a declaration of intention but for any reason fails to file his or her nomination papers by the last day, which is December 6, an additional five days shall be allowed for the filing of nomination papers for the office.

Any person other than the person who was the incumbent, if otherwise qualified, may file nomination papers for the office during the extended period, notwithstanding that he or she has not filed a written and signed declaration of intention to become a candidate for the office as provided in Sections 8023 and 8201.

Therefore, filing for Superior Court Judge Office 1 will extend until 5pm, Wednesday, December 11 for anyone other than Judge Symons to file their candidacy papers.

The County Clerk/Elections Office will be open on Saturday, December 7 from 10am to 2pm for judicial candidates.

Candidacy filing requirements include:

  1. Paying the nonrefundable filing fee of $2,000.42 - cash, check or money order
  2. Obtaining a Nomination Paper to collect signatures of 20 voters in Santa Cruz County
  3. Filing a Declaration of Candidacy with Ballot Designation Worksheet
  4. Filing and paying for an optional Candidate Statement of Qualifications to be printed in the County Voter Information Guide and posted online – cost is $5,165
  5. Filing a Conflict of Interest Form 700

More information can be found in the March 3, 2020 Candidate's Handbook.

Anyone interested in running for the office who plans on raising and spending money, must file a Form 501 and set up a committee with a Form 410 if they plan to raise or spend more than $2,000. This can be done at anytime. 

If you have questions, please contact County Clerk Gail Pellerin at 831-454-2419 or