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Argument for Measure A

Measure A prevents teacher layoffs and deep cuts in core classroom programs, and seniors are exempt from paying.  Please vote Yes on A.

The State’s funding formulas endanger our schools.  Sacramento decisions make Scotts Valley Unified School District the 9th lowest funded (out of 344) K-12 district statewide and the lowest in Santa Cruz County.  Indeed, while every other school district in the County was able to give their teachers modest pay raises, the Scotts Valley School District had to eliminate nine teaching positions this past year.

How does Measure A save our schools?  By protecting funding for core classroom programs, retaining highly-qualified teachers and investing in technology.

YES ON A is the fiscally responsible answer.  100% of the revenue raised will remain in Scotts Valley under local control and citizen oversight.  It allows a permanent exemption for seniors and the disabled.

Measure A costs only $108 annually per parcel and expires after five years while protecting property values.  Indeed, numerous studies show that strong schools are the most reliable guarantee of healthy, desirable communities.

Voting Yes on A protects key academic programs:

  • Prevents cuts to core programs in science, technology, reading, writing, math and the arts in all grades.
  • Attracts and retains highly-qualified teachers and counselors.
  • Keeps up with technology now and in the future.

Measure A is fiscally sound:

  • 100% of funds go directly to Scotts Valley Unified Schools; the State can’t take a single penny.
  • No funds for administrators' salaries, pensions or buildings.
  • Senior citizens/the disabled can permanently exempt themselves from paying.
  • Expires in five years.
  • Independent citizen oversight ensures funds are used wisely.
  • Strong schools protect property values.

Seniors, teachers, small business owners, Democrats, Republicans- along with all members of the City Council and School Board unanimously say, Yes on A!  Please vote yes on Measure A.

Jim Reed
Mayor, City of Scotts Valley

Derek Timm
President-Scotts Valley Educational Foundation, Small Business Owner

Sylvia Lee
Senior Citizen Advocate, President-Scotts Valley Friends of the Public Library, Retired Public School Teacher

Dave Hodgin
President-Scotts Valley Senior Life Association, Scotts Valley Water District Board Member, Small Business Owner

Jennifer Hardwick
Small Business Owner, Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year