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Argument for Measure G

Santa Cruz County residents value the protection for themselves and others through effective police, fire, emergency and social services; a clean environment and parks programs serving youth, adults and seniors; and quality, fiscally responsible government services.

By reducing employee retirement and pension costs, growing fiscal reserves and spending wisely, County government boosted its bond ratings, augmented existing services and started down the road to recovery from 2017 winter storm damage.

However, additional mental health and homeless outreach and intervention services are needed, and unmet needs for seniors and public safety have to be addressed. New local funds for parks could leverage millions more in grants and private donations. Measure G will help Santa Cruz County address our critical unmet needs while providing for effective community investments.

Measure G would tax sales in the unincorporated area only, and levels will still be at or below other local cities. Because all residents would benefit from the funding, all residents are being asked to vote on the measure.

Priorities for Measure G funds include new year-round North and South County homeless shelters, a public safety and behavioral health outreach team to address individuals suffering from mental health and substance use disorders and the completion of LEO's Haven the County's first all-inclusive playground for children of all abilities. 

Funding for the new Felton Nature Park; completion of Mid-County's Farm Park; upgrades at Aptos Village Park; funds for South County parks; repairs at Simpkins Family Swim Center and the expansion of youth and senior recreational opportunities are planned. 

Without these funds, our ability to rise together to meet these challenges would be limited. Improving public safety, social services and critical infrastructure is consistent with the values and aspirations of the community. We urge you to vote Yes on Measure G. For more information visit

Jim Hart

Carol Williamson*
President NAMI-Santa Cruz

Mariah Roberts*
Director, Chanticleer Park Neighbors

Nancy Gerdt
Felton Library Volunteer

Michael Watkins
Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools


*Signing on behalf of the organization