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Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure H

With the housing crisis raging, Measure H provides real solutions for people living and working here in Santa Cruz County. To protect the integrity of our community, we can’t simply do nothing.

Measure H is well-crafted to provide fair and equitable housing solutions to our friends and neighbors who are struggling across Santa Cruz County – in the cities and unincorporated areas.

Don’t let opponents confuse you about Measure H does and doesn’t do.

Measure H helps Santa Cruz County invest in our communities, helping farmworkers, first responders, teachers and healthcare workers. If our local workers cannot afford to live in the county, we all suffer.

It provides first time homebuyer funds for families living throughout the county, including unincorporated and rural areas.  It also allows affordable backyard “granny” cottages to be built appropriately in all corners of our county.

Statewide measures are indeed part of the solution. The state directs dollars to help local communities – but those funds almost always flow to counties that have local housing matching funds. 

Without affordable housing funds from Measure H, Santa Cruz County won’t get its fair share from the state.

Measure H will bring relief for lower-income seniors by creating low-cost affordable homes for seniors. Many seniors will also qualify for the Low Income Senior Property Tax Deferral Program.

 Measure H helps our most vulnerable populations cope with the crisis of affordability –

including our seniors, veterans, and families facing homelessness.

Join us in voting for a sustainable, healthy community by voting Yes on H.

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David Foster
Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay

Suzanne McLean
Vice President, Association of Faith Communities

MariaElena De La Garza
Executive Director, Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County

Mark Stone
State Assemblymember

Casey Beyer
CEO, Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce