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Rebuttal to Argument for Measure H

We can’t make more affordable housing by putting a tax on housing.

  • If Measure H passes more long time local residents will leave because of higher taxes. This new tax would make housing even more unaffordable for families struggling to pay housing costs in our County.
  • Measure H is yet another bond measure for 35 years. This tax would cost $273,768,000 with interest.
  • Measure H does not exempt seniors. The Property Tax Postponement Program costs 7% per year if someone can even qualify.
  • Measure H would amount to a lottery for first-time homebuyers, with all of us paying higher property taxes so a few can benefit.  
  • Prop 1 is the state housing bond on the November ballot.  If it passes Santa Cruz County’s per capita share would be 0.7% or $21,000,000.  Measure H is far in excess of what the County would need to qualify for state matching funds. 
  • Measure H monies would be administered by the County and four cities with nebulous plans and uncertain administrative expenses. 
  • The County currently allows developers to pay a fee instead of actually building affordable housing as required by Measure J. Passed by the voters, Measure J required developers to build 15% of units for affordable housing.

 Please Vote No on Measure H

Becky R. Steinbruner
Active Citizen and Resident/Aptos

Bruce Holloway
Retired Computer Engineer/Boulder Creek

John O’Reilly
Senior Homeowner Retired/Ben Lomond

Mark D. Lee
Retired Urban Planner/Ben Lomond

Lynn Dunn
Retired Director of Corporation for National Service/Santa Cruz