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Argument against Measure M

Vote NO on Measure M it is an extreme and costly measure that will divide our community and hurt renters.

Measure M Establishes an Expensive and Unaccountable Bureaucracy

Measure M creates a Rent Board that will waste millions on bureaucracy and reduce the City General Fund that supports parks, libraries, and essential services. This tribunal sets their own salaries and budget; creates new rules, fees, and penalties; and hires unlimited staff without legal or financial oversight.

Measure M Makes Our Housing Shortage Worse

Many owners will sell rentals rather than lose control of them. End-dates of rental agreements will become invalid, including single-family homes and Accessory Dwelling Units.  Renters can move in subletters without permission or background checks.  When sold, the wealthy will purchase these rentals for their own use or second homes, reducing our rental housing supply.

Measure M Makes it Harder to Find Rentals

95% of economists agree rent control does not work. Every city with rent control loses rent-controlled housing. Working families, teachers, and seniors will find it harder and more expensive to find rentals.

Measure M Endangers Community Safety and Well-Being

Measure M makes eviction of problem renters and housemates nearly impossible, threatening community safety and neighborhood peace. It eliminates using the end of rental agreements to protect neighborhoods.  

Measure M Limits Homeowner Rights

Homeowners who rent out their home temporarily will find their ability to move back in severely limited since they must pay a minimum of six months rent to tenants. In certain situations, homeowners cannot move back into their home ever.

Measure M is NOT the Solution

With widespread community participation we can create affordable housing solutions.  

A Broad Coalition of Renters, Students, Retirees, Homeowners, and Community Leaders urges you to Vote NO on Measure M.

David Terrazas
Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz                       

Neal Coonerty
Former Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, Bookshop Santa Cruz Owner

Keshav Kumar
Renter; Vice President of Internal Affairs, UCSC Student Union Assembly

Pamela Comstock
Former City Councilmember

Andy Hartmann
President, Monterey / Santa Cruz Counties Building and Construction Trades Council