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Argument for Measure W

Maintain affordable education and job training for local students and veterans – Vote YES on W!

West Valley and Mission Colleges are an essential resource for students seeking university transfer, returning students seeking a career change, and for specialized job training.

YES on W continues to provide local, high-quality, affordable job-training programs for our community, including veterans returning to civilian life.

YES on W helps keep our local community colleges affordable. As the cost of U.C and Cal State University continues to rise, West Valley and Mission Colleges together serve the communities of Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and San Jose – saving families across our region thousands of dollars!

YES on W ensures every penny from this measure will benefit West Valley-Mission campuses and students. All Measure W funding must be spent locally and cannot be taken away by Sacramento.

We need Measure W!

YES on W will improve services for returning veterans with financial aid, registration and access to affordable job-training programs.

YES on W prepares students for 21st century jobs in this fast-paced, competitive environment – we must continue to update educational facilities and technology that prepares students for today’s jobs!

YES on W provides career technical education in in-demand fields like nursing, firefighting and healthcare with updated science, engineering and math labs. 

Measure W is fiscally accountable – by law, Measure W requires published independent financial audits and oversight by an Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee to ensure all funds are spent as promised.

NO Measure W money can be spent on administrators' salaries or pensions. NO money can be taken by the state. All funds must be spent on our local community colleges.

Join students, teachers, veterans, local employers, business and community leaders – Vote YES on W!  

Carl Guardino
President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Thuy Trang
Faculty, Vice President of Academic Senate

Michael Montemayor
Student Veteran

Shirley Cantu
Taxpayer Advocate and College Oversight Committee Chair

Anne J. Kepner
President, West-Valley Mission Community College Board of Trustees