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Rebuttal to Argument against Measure W

Don’t be fooled by special interests that come out against schools and students every election.  Partisan rhetoric has nothing to do with the education and job training our local students and returning veterans need.

We have a choice – students, veterans and local residents, or unrelated third party special interests?

Here are the facts the opposition wants you to ignore to advance their own agenda:

FACT: Maintaining affordable, quality education requires a 21st century learning environment. YES on W ensures students, veterans, and local residents can continue to obtain the education and job skills they need for today’s fast-paced environment.

FACT: Many young adults rely on our local community colleges to prepare them for universities. YES on W ensures local families can continue to save money on the first few years of tuition.

FACT: Returning veterans rely on our local community colleges. YES on W ensures our veterans get the support they need, and can successfully complete their education and reenter the civilian workforce.

FACT: Local healthcare and public safety professionals are trained at our local community colleges. YES on W will ensure our local workforce is well-trained for critical work that keeps our communities healthy and safe. 

Our local community colleges are critical for students, veterans, and families – saving families money and preparing students for university transfer and for the local jobs of today.  Join us in voting YES on W to support our local community colleges.

Keith C. Gonsalves
Owner Gonsalves & Stronck Construction, large employer

Michael Montemayor
Student Veteran

Darryl Von Raesfeld
Retired Fire Chief, City of San Jose

Cari Bryan
Register Nurse and Mission College Alum

Shirley Cantu
Taxpayer Advocate