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One Percent Vote By Mail Random Drawing

Persuant to Election Code Section 15360(a)(2), a random drawing will be held at 701 Ocean St Room 310 in Santa Cruz on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 9am to deterrmine which of 712 vote by mail batches will be included in the manual tally.  The drawing will be available for viewing on the County Clerk's Weddings on the Web site. Please click here to view.

" (a)(2)(B)(iii)(I) In addition to the 1 percent manual tally of the vote by mail ballots, the elections official shall, for each race not included in the initial 1 percent manual tally of vote by mail ballots, count one additional batch of vote by mail ballots.  The manual tally shall apply only to the race not previously counted."

For more information, please call 831-454-2060 or email