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March 7, 2017 Special School District Election

There are 857 voters in the Lakeside School District who reside in Santa Cruz County and 419 in the district who reside in Santa Clara County.

  • Polling place at Las Cumbres Community Center will open at 7am and close at 8pm on Tuesday, March 7.
  • Ballots and Voter Information Guides will be mailed February 6. 
  • Last Day to register to vote in this election is February 20. 

Click here to check the status of your ballot.

Lakeside Joint School District ballot question: To preserve high quality academic programs for elementary and middle school students, attract/retain high quality teachers, keep instructional programs up to date, and provide a safe, well maintained learning environment in our mountain community, shall the Lakeside Joint School District levy a temporary 8-year education parcel tax of $647, with citizens’ oversight, exemptions available for senior citizens, no funds for administrators' salaries, every dollar spent on Lakeside students and cannot be taken away by the State?

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