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Impartial Analysis of Measure A

Dana McRae, County Counsel
By Sharon Carey-Stronck

If this measure is approved by at least two-thirds of those voting on it, the Lakeside Joint School District ("the School District") will be authorized to levy a special tax on real property.

The tax would be imposed for 8 years beginning July 1, 2017, at the rate of $647 per year on each parcel within the School District.  A previously approved education parcel tax of $311 per year is scheduled to end on June 30, 2017.  If approved, this current measure will impose a new education parcel tax immediately after the previous education parcel tax ends.

The proceeds of the special tax, if approved, may be applied only to the purposes set out in the full text of Measure A which is printed in this pamphlet.  It may not be used for administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions.

In accordance with State law, this measure includes accountability procedures.  The School District would create a separate account into which the proceeds of the special tax would be deposited.  An annual written report would show the amount of the special taxes which have been collected and expended, and the status of projects to be funded from those proceeds.

The School District would also maintain its existing Citizen's Oversight Committee to provide oversight as to the expenditure of parcel tax revenues.

The special parcel tax is to be collected in the same manner as other property taxes. 

Property owners whose property is used solely for owner-occupied, single family residential purposes and who are 65 years of age or older, or who meet other criteria regardless of age, may obtain an exemption from this parcel tax by applying to the School District.  Owners who currently receive an exemption from the School District's existing Measure C parcel tax of $311 will not need to file a new application for exemption.  The School District may establish procedures to verify the continued qualification of an exemption.  Owners of contiguous parcels meeting specified criteria may also apply to the District to have them treated as a single parcel for purposes of the tax.

The School District Board of Trustees proposes to reduce this parcel tax if it has the unintended effect of decreasing or offsetting local, state or federal government funding sources that would otherwise be available to the School District.

This measure was placed on the ballot by the Board of Trustees of the Lakeside Joint School District. 

A "yes" vote is to approve imposition of the special parcel tax.

A "no" vote is against imposition of the special parcel tax.