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California Republican Party

1st Supervisorial District – 5 Members Alternates

Republican Party County Central Committee – (21) members elected by supervisorial district

Term of Office: 4 years
Next Election: Primary 2020
Chair: David T. Hodgin
Vice Chair: Wade Leishman
(831) 438-1000
P.O. Box 3086
Eric Erickson  
Eugene Bustichi  
Roger Snyder  
Brian Phelps  
Kristen Collishaw  
2nd Supervisorial District – 6 Members Alternates
Sharon Gray  
Susan Allen  
Kris Kirby  
Leon Mattingley  
Brad Williams  
Katie Rue Cristallo  
3rd Supervisorial District – 4 Members Alternates
All Vacant  
4th Supervisorial District – 2 Members Alternates
Georgia Acosta  
Ed Acosta  
Nancy Ann Schott  
5th Supervisorial District – 6 Members Alternates
David Hodgin  
Marsha Maffia  
Tim Emanuelson  
Wade Lieshaman
Lea Reed
Cheri Brownfield

Ex-Officio Members – Republican Central Committee

Member District Alternates
Casey Lucius 18th Congressional  
Richard Fox 20th Congressional  
Palmer Kain 29th Assembly  
Mark Starrit 30th Assembly  
Larry Beaman 17th State Assembly